Overcoming Racial Stereotypes

Negative racial stereotypes affect the way young Black people see themselves and the police.

The stereotype of the “thug” has long been used by law enforcement to justify violence against African Americans. A recent study found that when children hear about the “thug,” they associate the word with negative characteristics such as being aggressive, violent and dangerous. This association makes people more likely to believe that police officers are justified in using force against African American men.

That’s why we aim to be a resource for our youth who wish to turn their pain into purpose. We believe that every young person deserves a chance to succeed. And we want to help them find their passion and live out their dreams—not fall prey to the belief that all they’re meant to be is a threat to society.

Our Solution

  • We understand that systemic racism in the United States has played a huge role in widening the achievement gap between African Americans and other at-promise students. We can trace the roots of the achievement gap back to the Plessy v Ferguson U.S. Supreme Court case which, in essence, allowed African Americans to be denied equal access to educational resources for generations. Through our Academic Enrichment Scholarship program, we are able to provide financial assistance and free tutoring to our high school students and reward them for their overall contributions to their communities—not just their grades.
  • We also want our youth to see themselves as part of a larger community that is here to support them through trials and tribulations. While our AAU Basketball program is focused on helping our rising athletes get to the next level of their sports careers, a lot of the program is structured around personal and academic development.
  • Our overall mission is to provide our youth of color with the tools they need to become successful adults. Our programs and events give them the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated and financially stable.

Help us overcome racial stereotypes in our communities

Help us overcome racial stereotypes in our communities