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Oscar Grant's Daughter Tatiana is growing up nicely with the help of her loving family and community. She looks just like her grandmother Wanda Johnson
Thank you to anyone who's ever said kind words to her when meeting her
Mothers of: Muhammad Bah, Amadou Diallo, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner and more
The mother of Muhammad Bah abd Wanda Johnson ,mother of Oscar Grant
Charity in Oscar Grants name
Thank u
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Let God work... Don't block your blessings by moving too fast.. When God is working on your behalf, be patient! Good things take time!! Don't get weary and don't get in the way! #nochase #amirbrooks #sayhisname ...
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Coalition of Concerned Mothers members in New York supporting Gwen Carr, mother of the late Eric Garner to commemorate his life #ericgarnercelebration #strongwomen #mothers 💖
One time for Jessica pronounced yes-E-kah thanks for supporting!! She's shy but she deserves better too!! 😂#mybartender Get your I Deserve Better T-shirt now at Link in bio!! #ideservebetter inspired by #entitlements courtesy of #thekeep #video coming July 28th. ...

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